The Upcycle Gardening Team

Book one of our gardening teams by calling Chelsea on 01594 368240. We work throughout the Forest of Dean, Chepstow and surrounding areas.  We bring all our own tools and petrol.

Customer comments:

Thanks to all of you  –  you’ve done a remarkable job and must be absolutely exhausted. DP

garden makeover1

“Thank you Upcycling.  We love it! We now have a beautiful stone patio, a flawless lawn and we can’t wait to get some plants in the new raised bed and greenhouse. So pleased!”. 

Within the team are a combination of paid staff and volunteers.

Paul S is our longest serving gardener, and has life long experience of gardens, having a particular love of flowers.

“Paul’s done a lovely job on my bank and path.  Thumbs up. “

Paul’s experience allows him to guide and direct younger, less experienced staff safely and with confidence.

Mervyn is another employee on our gardening team.  Mervyn works extremely hard and has a great understanding of using the strimmers, movers and hedge cutters to achieve a high standard.  Mervyn’s real passion in life is animals, and he is keen to protect both pets and wildlife from harm.

Philip is a volunteer with the Project.  He started a placement with us through National Star College and loved it so much he never left!  He is a hard worker and always aims to please.  Will never say no to a cup of tea!

Paul D is the newest member of the gardening team.  An experienced gardener, Paul is loving his new career with us, and we love having him.  Always smiling and the first to volunteer to give a helping hand.

Paul S,               Merv,        Phil,         Tom, Paul D, Merv and Paul S.

We are available for hire at a rate of £25/hour for 2 people for small jobs. 

Larger jobs can be booked by the day at  rate from £150/day for two people, depending on the job. 

We can also quote a job price for specified jobs – give us a call and we’ll pop round to give you a quote. 

Some examples of our work:

We can do:

  1. Mowing, strimming, weeding and general tidy ups.
  2. Laying gravel.
  3. Laying small patios, paths and concrete hard standings for sheds.
  4. Small tree surgery and removal.
  5. Splitting and stacking logs.
  6. Laying astro turf/artificial grass.
  7. Digging over vegetable patches.
  8. Planting shrubs and bulbs.
  9. Erecting or removing sheds and summer houses.
  10. Cleaning/Painting fences, sheds, summer houses and decking.
  11. Pressure washing paths and patios.
  12. Fencing
  13. Building planters
  14. Jet Washing patios and paths

If your job is not described here, give us a call and we’ll let you know if it is something we can do.

“My garden looks great. I can’t wait to get the hot tub ordered…. there’s no going back now  JP.”