Where does the money go?

Project Aims

  • Reduced amount of waste going into landfill.
  • Providing paid employment and work experience positions to people with disabilities or other circumstances that make employment difficult. 
  • Working closely with housing association, church groups and charities within the Forest to effectively recycle/upcycle household goods for people in need.
  • Work with at least 10 young people (aged between 18-30) per year gaining qualifications and experience required to enter full employment.
  • High proportion of furniture and white goods sold or given to lower income people (minimum 30%).
  • A volunteering opportunity for everyone, especially individuals that have been marginalised, through ill health, long term unemployment or life experiences as well as individuals who just want to give back something to their local community.

Longer term Aims

  • Upcycling of high end goods from salvage yards to develop skills such as French Polishing, furniture making and upholstery
  • Trained young adults to make bird boxes and tables.
  • Skilled craftsmen and women sharing skills with the young people.

 Any surplus will stay in the Forest of Dean to support needy people particularly homeless, out of work or those in housing crisis.

Reasons why furniture recycling makes sense:

■ It helps meet the furniture needs of people on low incomes;

■ It extends the life of furniture that would otherwise be thrown away;

■ It provides a service for people with unwanted furniture wishing it to go to a worthy cause;

■ It acts as a resource for Welfare agencies such as Social Services;

■ It provides opportunities for training unemployed people to obtain work skills and work experience;

■ It can generate income for charitable causes;

■ It provides opportunities for volunteers;

■ It attracts the essential raw material for refurbishment workshops and skill sharing.




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