About us

Mission statement: At the Forest Upcycling Project our vision is to provide employment for vulnerable people and affordable household goods. We support this vision by selling and reusing donated items, training vulnerable people through work experience and accredited courses, and upcycling products by working with craftsmen willing to share their skills. We also offer gardening services, house moves, eco refills and refurbished bikes to provide additional employment opportunities. 

Our products include good quality, affordable, used furniture and white goods.

“Popped in today to kit out my new place, as a new graduate this was perfect, found some amazing buys and the guys were so helpful! Unfortunately, couldn’t fit it all in the car, so they’ve kept it safe to pick up another day! So helpful and friendly, would highly recommend!” J Facebook.

In the process of making these goods we will be developing young people and those with disabilities with the skills necessary for full time employment.

The project has various main strands:

  1. Reselling household items which have been donated.
  2. Upcycling items of furniture to sell in our showrooms.
  3. Training young people (NEETs) with the skills needed for full time employment.
  4. Providing employment and volunteer opportunities for those who have disabilities or are disadvantaged in other ways.

The Forest Upcycling Project is a Registered Charity No. 1,158,797 with it’s objects being:

  1. To relieve poverty for families and individuals in need by providing furniture or other goods at a highly reduced rate or in extreme cases free of charge.
  2. To advance education and opportunities for people who are unemployed, vulnerable, disadvantaged or otherwise in need, to equip them with the skills necessary to be able to find employment.
  3. To protect and preserve the environment for the public benefit and future generations by the promotion of waste reduction, re-use, reclamation, recycling and use of recycled products.

Any surplus will stay in the Forest of Dean to support vulnerable people particularly homeless, out of work or those in housing crisis.


Collection and Delivery – We will provide an efficient collection and delivery service which will operate 5 days per week – Monday to Friday.

The repair, refurbishment and re-use of furniture  – A small workshop will allow us to undertake not only running repairs but also refurbishment and repairs where economic to do so.  It is planned to use volunteers which will share their skills with other volunteers.

The testing and recycling of electrical goods – A Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) will allow us to undertake our own testing rather than buy in the services of a qualified electrician. We will also check any electrical device to make sure it functions properly.

Household clearance and local moving service – It is envisaged that this service may be needed when an elderly relative is moving to a nursing home or has died and a prompt response is required.  Within the Forest there is also a demand for low cost removal service as residents move from council provided temporary accommodation into permanent housing.

Training and placements for NEETs – Through training and practical experience we will be able to offer volunteers and people who are placed with us a range of opportunities to make a recognisable and measurable contribution to their local community.  People placed with us will be sourced through a number of agencies. Due to our educational background, people who are placed on programmes with us will have the opportunity of studying Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and NVQ qualification units which contribute to enhanced employment opportunities.


Gardening Presentation Two Rivers


Policies and Procedures

FUP Safeguarding policy April 2019

Safeguarding lead ; Matthew Jones, Project Manager








Whistleblowing policy



FUP equality-diversity-policy-April 2019

Environmental policy

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  1. Christine Mora says:

    These guys have just cut all my hedges and have done a really great job with the chainsaw. Thank you 🙂

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